4 May 2014

Photo of the week

Serological pipettes
Laboratory equipment. Who would have thought fume hoods, pipettes, glassware, tissue baths, signage, cardboard boxes, biological safety cabinets, qPCRs, etc, could look so good? These photos are for CCS staff use for presentations and publications as needed. Enquiries to Julia.Veitch@monash.edu.
Equipment gallery link, annotated by Bonnie Dopheide, CCS's Occupational Health Laboratory Officer
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Events calendar

 What's on for this week

Mon May5 12:00 PM Forum - A New Mental Heal Act for Victoria
Tue May 6 11:00 AM ACBD and Dept Med Seminar Series 2014
3:30 PM Confirmation of PhD Candidature - Mr Paddy Dempsey
4:00 PM Confirmation of PhD candidature seminar - Mr Antony Kaspi
Wed May 7-Fri May 9 9:00 AM Lung Health Education Program 2014 - Respiratory Course (Mod A)
Thur May 8  12:30 PM Alfred Medical Ground Round - Dr James McFayden

 Forthcoming events

Tue May 13 11:00 AM ACBD and Dept Med Seminar Series 2014

12:00 PM Clinical Pathology Review
Wed May 14 6:00 PM ASMR Medical Research week: Annual Medical Research Tertiary Careers Evening

2014 Central Clinical School Public lecture "Challenges of living well with HIV: Where to from here?"

Professor Jenny Hoy
Central Clinical School is holding its annual public lecture for 2014 on 10 July, on a viral infection that has changed our world, the Human immunodeficiency virus infection (HIV). Professor Jennifer Hoy has 30 years' experience in HIV clinical research and patient care, particularly on the effect of HIV and its treatment with antiretroviral therapy on different body systems which contribute to the increased likelihood of chronic illness such as cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis. She will describe the transformation in the lives of people with HIV, how her current research is changing the way doctors help people with HIV, and outline the challenges ahead.

Faculty of 1000 selects Department of Immunology Leukemia article

Post publication peer
review acknowledgement
Department of Immunology research on chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) has been recommended by the Faculty of 1000 as being of special significance in its field. The reviewer, Dr Philippe Saas, writes,  "these data may explain the vulnerability of CLL patients to viral infections and provide therapeutic approaches (Flt3L plus CpG ODN or anti-TNF plus anti-TGF-beta antibodies) to restore PDC number and PDC capacity to produce type I IFN in peripheral lymphoid tissues." References:

Media mentions

Staff news

Welcome to:

  • Mrs Angela Vitali, Immunology Alfred Hospital
  • Dr Anita Gamvrellis, Aust Centre for Blood Diseases
  • Dr Daniel Fineberg, Undergraduate Teaching Alfred Hospital
  • Ms Simone Peters, Gastroenterology
For new staff, there is a CCS Staff induction portal - all your CCS who, where, what, why, how questions answered.

Farewell to:

  • Mr Damien Saulep-Easton, Immunology Alfred Hospital
  • Dr Fiona Brown, Aust Ctr for Blood Diseases

Other news: Flu tracking

Flu tracking

Flutracking is about to kick off again for 2014! All responses confirmed that 2013 was a mild flu year. Please help the collection of data:


Flutracking would really like to recruit another 1,000 people to help track influenza around Australia. They currently have 16,000 Flutrackers. It entails 10 seconds per week to help us track flu and receive a weekly flu report and flu map. Find out more at: